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Pipe in pipe PEX Pipe in Corrugated Pipe Making Machine

This Pipe in pipe machine is used to make pex pipe or pex-al-pex pipe insulated into corrugated pipe. Corrugated pipe usually adopts PP or PE raw materials, have features of high temperature resistance, resistant to corrosion and abrasion, high intensity, good flexibility etc.

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Line Model

Extruder Model

Production Scope


Nominal  Power






◎The die head of single wall corrugated pipe is specially designed for wide application, with features of simple forming process and even pipe wall.


Referenced Pipe in pipe specification:

PEX pipe size (mm)

Corrugated Pipe Size (mm)

Φ25 corrugated pipe

For Φ16 PEX pipe or less

Φ30 corrugated pipe

For Φ20 PEX pipe or less

Φ32 corrugated pipe

For Φ22 PEX pipe or less

Φ35 corrugated pipe

For Φ25 PEX pipe or less

Φ40 corrugated pipe

For Φ28 PEX pipe or less

Φ40 corrugated pipe

For Φ32 PEX pipe or less

pex pipe insulated in corrugated pipe-6.jpg

◎ The corrugated pipe forming mold is optimum designed for high speed and stable pipe forming.