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Dual Use PERT+PPR Pipe Production Line

This PERT Pipe Production line has two functions: it can not only produce 16mm-32mm PE-RT pipe, also it can be as 20mm-63mm PPR/HDPE Pipe Making Machine, now let's see its technical specification .

◎ Production Line Composition

→ High output Extruder

→ Vacuum Loader/Air Hopper

→ PERT Pipe Die Head Moulds

→ PPR/HDPE Pipe Die Head Moulds

→ High Speed Specially designed Calibrators

→ Vacuum Calibration Tank

→ Water Cooling Flume

→ High Speed Pipe Haul-off Machine

→ Cutting Machine

→ Double Working Position Coiler

→ Auto Pipe Stacker

→ Siemens PLC Control System (Synchronous function)

◎ Production Line Parameter

NO.Pipe Material DiameterLine SpeedLine Dimension
1PE-RT 16mm-32mm30-35/50 m/min32m*3.5m*3.1m

◎ Manufactured Pipe

→The Manufactured PE-RT pipe, mainly used for floor heating system, hot water solar system,etc, with high flexibility and heat resistance performance.

→ The Manufactured PPR/HDPE pipe,is mainly application for hot/cold water transporting, house decoration,etc.

After some modification on this line, it also can be as 3 layers EVOH/PERT pipe production line, 3 layers EVOH/PEXB pipe production line, etc, which improve the working efficiency, reduce labor cost, water/electric cost.

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