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Automatic Blow Molding Machine

Automatic Plastic Blow Molding Extrusion Machine

The blow molding machine can produce Chemical Barrel, Bottle, kettle, can, bucket,hollow plastic containers for foods etc, the volume can be from 10ml to 2000L. The machine is especially designed for producing with material such as PE, PP etc.The machines are low investment, high efficiency, quick and safe operation.

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Basic Information

Blow molding type

Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine,KDZK-(50L-2000)L


1-6 layers

Cavity of die head

It depends onthe product's specification


Suit for kinds of plastic products

Applicable materials



Features of Blow Molding  Machine

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(1) Die head: Continuous centre-feed extrusion type die head;

(2) Extrusion system: Adopt imported automatic temperature controlling device,The high performance screw used on the machine assures thorough and homogeneous plasticization and mixing of plastics.

(3) Clamping device: Adopt bi-directional synchronous clamping device with double axis single cylinder, crank arm clamping.

(4) Blowing device: with upper blowing type 

(5) Hydraulic system: The whole hydraulic system adopts world-famous brand controlling components and proportional controlling circle. Servo energy saving system is optional.

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(6) Air-blowing needle bracket:The air-blowing needle bracket is of solid L-square design.The sturdy bracket assures smoothness of the product cut.

(7) Electrical control system: The machine works under the Siemens PLC control system, and American DigiPack III wall thickness adjustment system. The electric components adopt Schneider Brand.


Application Fields:

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(1) Medicine & Cosmetic Packing,

(2) Food & Beverage Packing,

(3) Traffic & Highway Facilities Manufacturing,
(4) Furniture & Outdoor Products,

(5) Children Toys & Amusement Park Equipment,

(6) Turnover & Transportation Tools.

 Auxiliary Equipment:  Dryer, Mixer, Chiller, Crusher


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