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Argon Arc Butt Welding AL-Plastic Composite Pipe Line

The Argon Arc Butt Welding machine including below lines: PEX-AL-PEX Pipe Line, PERT-AL-PERT Pipe Line, PPR-AL-PPR Pipe Line,PE-AL-PE Pipe Line.

Line Model

Extruder Model


Production Scope

Production Speed

Nominal Power








SJ- 65/45/45





Control System

◎The butt welding pipe production line adopts international Siemens programmable control system with the function of intelligent memory; not only operate the whole line synchronously, but also adjust the auxiliary machine separately.

◎ It is equipped with a man-machine interface and the central ICP system, which is the international advanced level of automation.

Famous brand welder

The Al pipe is forced by argon arc butt welding with a flat welding seam & good quality.

The famous brand welder is equipped. The welding current is automatically controlled by the pulling speed, equipped with double guns for instantaneous automatic change.

Aluminum pipe positioning system

The butt welding Al-plastic pipe line is equipped with Al pipe positioning systems, to ensure the stability of welding process.

◎ Specially designed Al pipe haul-off machine ensures the precision of Al pipe and quality of finished product.

● High Frequency induction heating system

◎ The aluminum plastic pipe making machine adopts a specially high frequency induction heating system for Al-plastic pipe with energy saving and high efficiency.

◎ It also ensures the adhesive quality of the pipe. The production speed is improved in 3-5 times in comparison with that of the electrical heating or flame heating device;